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Ongoing Reports C

Following the Method C, we are working on the production of four scientific and technological evidence reports.

Reports C are short documents that draw on extensive literature and expert interviews, and are thoroughly reviewed.

The photograph of a soft coral shows the spicules, which act as an internal skeleton. These corals can come in many colours, including mauve, like the one in the photo, but also orange, yellow and pink, among others.
"Detail of soft coral". Edition: FOTCIENCIA15. Author: Autoría: Elisabet Pérez Albaladejo.

Green hydrogen as a fuel

Hydrogen produced by renewable energies plays a key role in the energy transition towards a carbon-free economy in 2050. This Report C analyses the green hydrogen value chain - production, storage, distribution and end uses - and discusses the implementation challenges for the sector.


Artificial intelligence and health

Digitalization and recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have great potential in the health care system. Implementaing the latest breakthroughs in AI could help the national health system by supporting decision-making and administrative management. This Report C examines the readiness of different IA applications in the healthcare area and highlights its challenges (in particular, the access and handling of data), and its social, ethical and regulatory implications.


Advances in cancer treatments

Almost 300.000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Spain every year, having a significant personal, social and economic impact. The latest developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment are changing the way we approach the disease. This Report C offers a comprehensive overview of cancer in the Spanish context.



This Report C discusses challenges involved in the development of a society that is competitive and technologically advanced, as well as secure and immune to cyber-attacks. This challenge affects connected factories (an attack can paralyse a manufacturing process) as well as everyday objects (wearable appliances), plugged-in (IoT), or sensitive and strategic infrastructures.

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