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Method C

Oficina C has laid out a working plan for gathering scientific-technical evidence on different topics of interest to the Deputies. This is the Method C.

Scientific production on complex topics is abundant, multidisciplinary, and constantly evolving. We follow the Method C to contextualise and summarise the available scientific and technological evidence and to produce the Reports C.

"Salt and life". Edition: FOTCIENCIA19. Author: Jesús Alberto Pérez Romero.


If you believe that your scientific and technical expertise can contribute to drafting a Report C, you can contact us by filling out the following form. In it, you need to share your experience and the scientific evidence report in which you wish to participate. This way, we can review it to ensure that it aligns with the scope and content of our reports.

If necessary, we will contact you to interview for approximately 1 hour. Additionally, you will be able to participate in reviewing the report, and your participation will be credited.

Feedback from interviewees

In the Reports C we interviewed 244 scientists and experts. At the end of our collaboration, we kindly asked them to complete a short survey to find out more about their experience and their expectations from Oficina C. 144of them responded to the questionnaire.

  • 92.4% consider the implementation of Oficina CC to be appropriate or very appropriate
  • 97.0% consider the working method implemented by Oficina C to be adequate or very adequate
  • 98.5% consider the interview process with the Oficina C to be satisfactory or very satisfactory
  • 98.5% consider the Report Cformat to be adequate or very adequate 
  • 100% would collaborate again and would recommend collaboration with Oficina C to their colleagues
  • 86.6% have been involved in scientific advisory activities to regional or national public sector, or international organisations.
  • 66.7% were not aware of any science and technology office to regional, national or supranational parliaments before they collaborated with Office C.
  • 74.2% were not aware of the existence of Oficina C before collaborating with us.
  • 34.9% believe that the impact of their collaboration will be important or very important in their professional career.
  • 57.6% consider that the Reports C will have an important or very important impact on public policy formulation.

"I would like the report to include a bit more technical detail, but I understand the audience it is aimed at and that therefore it should avoid getting into overly technical explanations".

"The initiative is very relevant because the knowledge gathered from experts should help immensely to carry out more coherent actions at the national level".

"It would be interesting to be updated regularly on the impact and relevance of the reports in the Congress of Deputies".