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Method C

Oficina C has laid out a working plan for gathering scientific-technical evidence on different topics of interest to the Deputies. This is the Method C.

Scientific production on complex topics is abundant, multidisciplinary, and constantly evolving. We follow the Method C to contextualise and summarise the available scientific and technological evidence and to produce the Reports C.

The image shows a mineral fragment of an Icelandic spar, a variety of transparent and rhombohedral calcite. It receives light from below, which illuminates the sample and is in turn reflected by a mirror. The mineral has a property that makes it different, birefringence.  Birefringence causes an effect of duplication of any element that is placed behind it.
"Birrefracción". Edition: FOTCIENCIA18. Author: Miguel Toro Ferreira, Jorge Toro Ferreira, Gabriel de Jesús Suárez Rodríguez.