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Oficina C carries out various events to disseminate and communicate its results to the scientific community, the political community, and society at large.

Team C often attends national and international conferences, training sessions, and other events and participates in presentations, debates, and discussions.

The image shows the structures of a micrograph of a material known as CIGS composed of atoms of Cu, Ga, In and Se. The microstructures seen in this electronic micrography remind us of the terraces formed in Pamukkale, Turkey where , over thousands of years the thermal waters, rich in minerals, have been forming white terraces of travertine, full of turquoise water, with stalactites and stalagmites.
"Pamukkale". Edition: FOTCIENCIA19. Author: María Jesús Redrejo Rodríguez. Coauthor: Eberhardt Josue Friedrich Kernahan.

Evento destacado

Acto de presentación
Acto de presentación de la Semana C
icono persona 14-17 NOV
icono ubicación Congreso de los Diputados

We present the first results after a year of work. On November 14, a public event brought together over 200 individuals from various communities, including 176 scientists, 30 legislators and advisors, and the press.


Imagen del curso a cargo de María del Álamo Ortega, titulada Nuestra chica llena de ciencia
icono calendario 30/06/2023
icono ubicación Madrid

We host a dedicated session on scientific advice and science for public policy.

Acto de presentación
Covers of the eight Science for Public Policy reports / CSIC
icono calendario 29/06/2023
icono ubicación Madrid

Oficina C participates in the round table discussion titled "Reflections on Science4Policy" during the presentation of the new reports by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council).

Miembros del consorcio ETHNA en su conferencia final en Castelló de la Plana
icono calendario 15/06/2023
icono ubicación Castelló de la Plana

Oficina C participates in the final conference of the ETHNA project, funded by the European Commission. The project's objective was to establish a flexible ethical governance system across various fields.

Logo de la Sociedad Española de Epidemiología (SEE)
icono calendario 08/06/2023
icono ubicación Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid)

Oficina C, in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE), hosts a science for policy awareness workshop at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Foto de la mesa redonda durante la reunión anual de la red EPTA en Gerona
icono calendario 15/05/2023
icono ubicación Gerona

We participate in the annual meeting of directors of the EPTA network in Girona.

Logo Knowledge Valorisation Week
icono calendario 26/04/2023
icono ubicación Bruselas

Oficina C participates in this European forum aimed at exchanging experiences and discovering new approaches to generating value from scientific discoveries and inventions.