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Oficina C attends the EPTA directors annual conference

The Science and Technology Office of the Congress of Deputies (Oficina C) attended the annual meeting of directors of the EPTA network in Girona, as part of the presidency of the Advisory Council of the Parliament of Catalonia for Science and Technology (CAPCIT).

The meeting focused on water scarcity as one of the most pressing scientific-technological challenges.

The Congress of Deputies Office for Science and Technology (Oficina C), a joint initiative of the Congress and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), attended the European Parliamentary Technological Assessment (EPTA network) meeting. The meeting was held on the 15th and 16th of May in Girona, as part of the EPTA network's presidency this year by the Catalan Parliament's Advisory Council for Science and Technology (Consell Assessor del Parlament sobre Ciència I Tecnologia - CAPCIT).

Over the course of these days, members discussed potential future avenues of collaboration and ways to expand the EPTA network. Furthermore, the meeting focused on water scarcity as one of our current society's most pressing scientific-technological challenges.

In this context, attendees were able to visit the Water Research Institute of Catalonia (ICRA), which is working on various solutions to this problem through wastewater recovery and water reuse projects.

The EPTA network brings together several European offices dedicated to providing scientific advice to legislators, as well as connecrting with similar institutions on other continents. Although all of these offices face similar challenges, they approach them in different ways.

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